2nd Auto Parts Industry Meeting

The 2nd Auto Parts Industry Meeting, organized by Sindipeças, promoted an important reflection on the paths that this industry must follow in order to be increasingly competitive, integrated to the international market and able to follow the challenges and opportunities of the industry 4.0 transformations, vehicle evolution, in its architecture and use, and other aspects of mobility.

In digital format, the event took place on April 5, 2021, with around five hundred participants, important sponsorship of companies and entities and Reed Exhibitions partnership in the organization (see below). In the program, there was a key note lecture by Clepa, the entity that represents the auto parts industry in Europe, and the panels Future Vision, Global Insertion and the Brazilian Aftermarket. Brazilian and foreign specialists and leaders of companies in the sector presented their views on these topics that are so relevant for the present and for the future.

The material presented is in the program links.

The program

Dan Ioschpe, president of Sindipeças

Key Note Lecture
* Sigrid de Vries, secretary general of Clepa, an entity representing the auto parts industry in Europe

Future Vision Panel
* Gábor Deák, Director of Technology at Sindipeças (moderator)
* Bill Long, president of Mema, an entity that represents the auto parts sector in the United States
* Oscar Albin, president of INA, an entity that represents the auto parts sector in Mexico
* Raúl Amil, President of Afac, an entity that represents the auto parts sector in Argentina
* Vinnie Mehta, Managing Director of Acma, an entity representing the auto parts sector in India

Global Insertion Panel
* Mauricio Muramoto, Director of Innovation at Sindipeças (moderator)
* Alex Marson, President of Rudolph
* Fernando Rizzo, president of Tupy
* Sergio Carvalho, president of Fras-le

Perspectives on the Brazilian Automotive Aftermarket Panel
* Elias Mufarej, Director of Aftermarket and Export Promotion at Sindipeças (moderator)
* Roberto Fantoni, senior partner at Mckinsey
* Delfim Calixto, vice president of Aftermarket at Bosch
* Francisco Della Torre, licensed president of Sincopeças
* Gerson Prado, Director of Andap, CEO of SK Mobility and President of Nexus Automotive International

For more information, send a message to noticias@sindipecas.org.br.